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I need to actually get to work since summer is almost here [05 Apr 2010|09:16pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

So after being super lazy and not finishing a single new costume for 2010, I'm actually going to start hauling ass now. XD;;  I've been procrastinating way too much and con season is almost here and I wanna finish at least one new costume before Supercon and Momo-i Night Fest (of which I'm judging the masquerade).  The Sheryl costume I had my heart set on is sold out which totally disappoints me, so I've decided to go for the black one of the same design.  Grah.  It'll be weird wearing a costume I didn't make, but I really want another Sheryl costume and don't have time to make another one since I'm really hating my Star Date one right now. XD;;  My boot order got effed up so now I'm going to have to make a pair of boot covers for default Luka.  Then I still need to buy some flower appliques for Aerith... man, I need to stop being lazy! x___x

I've been looking for a new job, too.  I applied for a job with the census bureau a little while ago, took the exam and passed, but they still haven't called me back for a phone interview.  I'm starting to get a little worried. x___x  It's so friggin' hard finding a job in this horrible state also known as Nevada. --;;  They pay horribly, but the census pays pretty well, though... I really do hope they call me back since they pay from $11.50-$17.50 an hour!

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Writer's Block: Welcome to the mobile decade [11 Mar 2010|10:55pm]
The eighties were known as the Me decade. The nineties have been called the Electronic age. So far, what would you label this decade?

Label this era?  That's easy.  I call this the FUCKERY Decade. >>;
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[21 Feb 2010|09:26pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I'm displeased with myself. -_-  I can't even do the things I'm set out to do.  I lack so much willpower these days, I guess... ugh.  I'm so disgusted with myself.

<input ... ></input><input ... >

[15 Feb 2010|07:54pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Bleeeeegh... I really need to stop being lazy.  I still haven't fixed the bangs on my Sheryl wig or curled it. :/  But mregh... the way things are going, I may end up emailing Anime Expo by early June or before then and telling them I want a refund.

I went to the decora store at the Galleria on Saturday to get some last minute bargains since they're sadly going out of business.  I should've gone there the week they announced on their Myspace/Twitter that they were going out of business because I really wanted a Swarovski crystal Hello Kitty compact and they were out. D:  But at least I was able to get a pretty gold plated and Swarovski crystal barrette that was originally $50 for only $7.75. XD  That was a great deal although I don't know what to wear it with since it looks more suitable for hime-gyaru fashion, but I'll figure something out.  It could work really well with one of my evening dresses next time I get invited to a ball, though.  In a way, them going out of business came at a perfect time since I recently got into deco-ing stuff. XD;  I grabbed a lot of good deals like this Swarovski crystal and gold plated tiara for deco purposes that was $9.95 and i got it for like, $2 and then this crystal encrusted pink and heart pen that was $20 and bought it for only $5.  I bought a lot of other nice things, too like a big pink plushie heart hair clip I bought solely for cosplay purposes (for when I make my next original Kairi). XD

But meh.  I wish I got there earlier then I could've bought at least two of those crystal tiara things since I heard they're hard to come by.  Oh wells... I got a lot of good stuff to do decora with and my new jewelry box will look pwetty. X3  Since I couldn't snag one of those Hello Kitty compacts, I'll just deco my own once I buy a plain gold or silver tone one.  After I'm done with those I should have enough stuff leftover to make some pretty DS Lite cases to sell off for some extra cash.


So tonight... I'll actually try doing the bangs on my Sheryl wig (wig the help of some pliers) so I can complete the styling job tomorrow.  I swear to God, I don't wanna sew in anymore wefts for a long time!  I'm not working on my Aerith wig until like, May because of this. XD  Dealing with so many strands of hair getting in the way, constantly making sure it doesn't tangle and frizz, pinning it up, and then finally sewing in several rows of 12in.-15in. wide by 16in. long wefts is... not fun. XD;  Buuut... doing the actual styling is fun--doing the surgical part of the wig never is, however.
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ABOUT TIME! [14 Feb 2010|09:35am]
[ mood | giddy ]

FINALLY!!!  The version of Magnet I've been waiting for to be made for MONTHS!  I would've made one myself, but I can't afford Gakupo 'cuz he's expensive like that. x__x  But look!  It's an actual PV with moving images and such plus its actually romantic! XD  I really like Luka's outfit in this Magnet better than the crap version with Miku (good lord, that version is not easy on the ears). XD

And if you can't tell, I love this Vocaloid pairing so friggin' hard. <3  IT'S GOING STRAIGHT TO MY IPOD!!!

Edit:  Lulz and I totally forgot, which is VERY ironic considering the content of this post. XD


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[12 Feb 2010|04:23am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Cosplay crapCollapse )
Diet is such a failureCollapse )

Mreh.  The tulip bulbs I planted a few weeks ago are finally starting to grow, yay. X3  But I'm pretty annoyed with how the daffodil bulbs I planted in like, December aren't doing a thing! >/  I don't know if it's because I buried them too deep or if it's the dirt... the dirt isn't exactly the best stuff to plant things in, but all the rose bushes I planted are doing really well--even the one I thought had died is flourishing. o_O;  But what the Hell is up with the damn daffodils!?!?  They weren't exactly easy or fun to plant when the ground is so damn hard!!  I'm staring to think that maybe it's the soil... I planted the tulip bulbs in a pot in nicer dirt. :/  The dust dirt... stuff the daffodil bulbs are planted in could very well be the reason. XD;;  I still have more bulbs that need to be planted, but they're small flowers, not cut ones.  They're supposed to be pretty, though... a nice purple color.

I participated in a group order a few days ago for a new set of Bodyline deco nails.  I love the blue/white bow and pearl ones I bought from them, but I also reeeaaally like the red/pink glittery strawberry nails they sell, too so I bought those. XD  Paying $20 to ship a $10 item is nothing short of ridiculous so group orders are a wonderful thing. :3
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[08 Feb 2010|04:48am]
[ mood | amused ]

I love Lady Gaga's music, but... honestly, I think Luka Megurine does "Bad Romance" so much better. XD

<input ... ><input ... >

Oh, hay!  Big Al doesn't do too bad, either.

<input ... ></input><input ... >
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[07 Feb 2010|10:55pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Anime Expo drama crap and the con hasn't even started. It's a shittastic con, but yeeaaaah... so much drama!Collapse )<input ... ></input><input ... >

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[04 Feb 2010|06:55pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I really need a new pair of glasses.  I've been wearing the same pair for almost ten years and they don't work anymore. x__x  I've been without insurance for ten years... that's pretty bad.  Appointments are pretty expensive when uninsured so I'm going to have to find some kind of program to get a free or reduced price one.  I have a setting I wanna use so hopefully... that'll cut down on the cost, too. XD;;  I have a duplicate of my current frames (because the doctor that made my glasses last time didn't put the frames in right and they fell out right after my insurance got canceled!!) I wanna use.  There's hardly any frames I find appealing and I really love these. >>;  I'd love to get contacts for daily use, but I won't be able to afford 'em. D:

My great disappointment with the Grammy'sCollapse )

Weekend plansCollapse )

My diet is going just fine so far although that doesn't make it any better. x_x  I hate dieting... Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching #@$%.  >_<  I hate football... but I love making and eating party food. D:  This year I'm just going to have to be strong.  I'm going to keep on this diet until I reach my target weight of losing 10lbs.  Diets suuuuuck... but I need to get rid of that extra weight. >>;  My favorite pair of jeans don't fit because of it and I won't be able to fit into my black evening dress, either. x_x;;
Another scary nightmares caused by bad Kingdom Hearts fan fictionCollapse )
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What the Hell? [01 Feb 2010|04:31am]
[ mood | blank ]



Seriously... what.the.hell?  I don't know how I find this stuff.
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[01 Feb 2010|02:34am]
[ mood | determined ]

Blagh!  I've gained some weight recently and I've decided today I'm going to start my diet.  I have to walk down to the store today and pick up some diet food, fruits, and veggies.  I'll just go easy on the sweets for the next two weeks.  I hate diets, but I always do it the safe and healthy way.  Diets suck.<input ... ></input><input ... >

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[01 Feb 2010|12:50am]
[ mood | blah ]

I got my W2 forms the other day so I'm happy. XD  The sooner I complete those and send them out, the sooner I'll get my tax refund.  w00t!  I'm gonna buy a PS3 with it. XD;;  I'll have to take a trip down to the library in a few days to get the booklet and forms.  I know I won't be getting all that much back, but hey, it's money that I can use to put back into the economy and finally buy a PS3 (I've been wanting one for quite some time now).  Final Fantasy XIII comes out in America in March so... yeah. XD  I've watched Japanese playthroughs on Youtube and don't really like the story, but the gameplay looks awweeesssoooome. :3  Hope seems very annoying and like a huge angsty-pants.  Every scene I've watched of him he's either moping or blaming Snow for his mother's death.  He seems like a huge letdown. ~_~
Blah blah blah, this cosplay is annoying to makeCollapse )

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[30 Jan 2010|07:06pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I finally got to see the Michael Jackson movie yesterday, "This is It."  Although it's been months since it happened, I still can't believe he's gone. D:  I've always been a fan of him and followed his work to the point where my evil grandmother would scream, "How many times are you going to watch Michael Jackson blowing in the wind!?" everyday before school. XD  But man... why did he have to die?! DX

Since I finally figured out where to get my supplies (and I now have enough money to get started), I'm going to start selling deco lolita Nintendo DS Lite covers.  I've seen it done somewhere before and decided to try my own hand at it.  I'm going to make a pearl and rose one for myself then start making some other fancier ones for sale.  The cost of supplies isn't really cheap, so it'll reflect the price (but they'll still be affordable).  Once I get my supplies in the mail, I'm good to go! :3

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[27 Jan 2010|08:53pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Hoo man... did anyone else think Avril Lavigne and Katie Perry were being total bitches on American Idol last night?  I mean good grief, Avril isn't exactly talented and Ms. Perry is just 'okay' (in my opinion, anyway).  I'm hardly watching it, just picking up on it since my mom watches it in the room next to mine.  The only good act this season was General Larry Pratt with his "Pants on the Ground" rap.

My great-aunt's no-good estranged husband died a few days ago.  Airfare and the price of getting Benji a sitter is insane right now and then when you factor in the price of a hotel in downtown Baltimore, it gets even more insane!  My other great-aunt and uncle don't really wanna go either since the guy wasn't exactly a saint--the guy is almost exactly like my father, but he wasn't a cheater. -.-  We were only gonna go to support my great-aunt, but... doesn't look like that's gonna happen now.  When the summer comes, we'll probably go up there for a visit since we haven't seen them in years (since they're too damn cheap to come over here, Hell, they're so cheap they won't even spare a few cents to give us a call).

The same thing has been annoying me lately... the saaaaaame thing I've been ranting about for the past several weeks... HO-FRIGGIN'-RAY! -.-  I need to figure out a way to deal with it.

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Fandom meme... thing [24 Jan 2010|04:51pm]
Kingdom Hearts meme 'cuz I'm boooreeedCollapse )

Watch out!!  Don't go to KHinsider(dot)com for a while!!!  Their site is infected with a lot of viruses and malware!!  If you value your computer, do yourself a favor and do not go there!  I did a Google search and the site turned up in the search results and Norton sent off a ton of alarms.  If you care to view this, you can go to the Norton information page here.
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[23 Jan 2010|01:18am]
[ mood | amused ]

I lol'd so hard at this. XD

And on another note since I don't wanna make a separate entry just for this, SquareEnix has finally announced there isn't going to be a Final Fantasy VII remake.  They said this quite a while ago, but I'm glad they finally put it out in a reliable print source.  I'M SICK AND TIRED OF FINAL FANTASY VII!!!!!  Final Fantasy I to XII were good, too.  GEEZ!!!!
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[19 Jan 2010|05:39pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Ha...ha... aaaaaa.... I'm having an early life crisis right now. XD  I'm really concerned about what's to become of me once I graduate from college (or university as some of you call it).  The economy is getting worse and worse and vacancies in the fashion industry are becoming few and far between (worse than it was before) and I'm starting to get scarred off my ass. >_<  Will I be able to get my career started?  Will I be living at home for the rest of my life!?!? x__x;;  Now I'm hearing its all about who you know and I know no one personally in the industry.  I'm very worried about my future now.  I'm scared to death of being a worthless loser for the rest of my life once my education is completed... although I've yet to get into the school I'm truly aiming for.  Lord... it wasn't this bad before. >w<  Now I'm just like, "I'VE MADE A BAD CHOICE!!!"  x___x  I don't know what else  I'll do if this doesn't work out because the only things I'm good at are art, designing, and sewing... as much as I love science, I don't think I'll ever be able to become a paleontologist or successful biologist since I'm horrific at math (I could never really figure out algebra comprehensibly).  I've been thinking about this a lot lately, but now it just hit me really hard.  I'm worried about what to do with myself.

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[18 Jan 2010|02:26am]
My friend showed me this and I thought it was quite amusing.  XD
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The end of Anime Expo? [16 Jan 2010|07:02pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

A massive walkout within the SPJA has occurred recently and this puts the con in serious jeopardy.  After hearing this, I doubt the con is going to be any good this year.  SO... this is even more of a reason to try and do my best to go to Fanime.  Anime Expo has been a craptastic convention for the past two years so I don't think I'll really miss it this summer.  Last summer had me super angry about it (and there's no reason for me to bring up why again) so, yeah... Fanime sounds like a safe bet. oo;;

Blargh... stupid postal service.  My new wig still hasn't come.  For crying out loud, ground mail in the same city is supposed to come on the next day. -_-

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[15 Jan 2010|09:34pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Hello to all the new people on my friendslist! XD  If you have any questions you wanna ask me, feel free to ask whenever. X3

Today wasn't too much of an eventful day. :/  I got lazy again and neglected working on my skirt. o_<  I finally received my Angelic Pretty knockoff skirt a few days ago.  It's so cute!  I'll have to post a picture of it later, but I kinda wanna buy the matching mantle for it now. >>;;  I really don't know why I haven't been in much of a sewing mood lately, but I have been making some jewelry.  Just today I made a pair of sterling silver Sheryl Nome earrings for a casual costume I'm making (and daily wear).  I really didn't like the idea of buying a pair off eBay since they could have lead in them! x_x  So I made my own although finding the right cubic zirconias was annoying .  I sculpted my Sheryl pendant the other night... I just need to paint it now once I get some gold paint.

As we all heard, there was a terrible 7+ magnitude in Haiti a couple of days ago and the capitol is pretty much destroyed because of it. ><  That country is really, really, really poor and horribly devastated so they can use all the help they can get.  My mom and I donated $100 the other day to the cause.  I'd donate more, but... I can't afford to. >w<  I'm kinda tempted to make some sterling and zirconia earrings and auction them off for charity, but with how my Etsy sales are going... ha... I doubt I'd get any bidders. XD

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