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I got my W2 forms the other day so I'm happy. XD  The sooner I complete those and send them out, the sooner I'll get my tax refund.  w00t!  I'm gonna buy a PS3 with it. XD;;  I'll have to take a trip down to the library in a few days to get the booklet and forms.  I know I won't be getting all that much back, but hey, it's money that I can use to put back into the economy and finally buy a PS3 (I've been wanting one for quite some time now).  Final Fantasy XIII comes out in America in March so... yeah. XD  I've watched Japanese playthroughs on Youtube and don't really like the story, but the gameplay looks awweeesssoooome. :3  Hope seems very annoying and like a huge angsty-pants.  Every scene I've watched of him he's either moping or blaming Snow for his mother's death.  He seems like a huge letdown. ~_~

Blegh... it's already February and I haven't finished any of the clothes or costumes I have on my list. x__x  Most of my free time has been occupied with working on this Sheryl Nome wig which... I keep putting off. XD  SEWING A WIG IS NOT FUN!! x.x  I'm so sick and tired of sewing in all the blonde wefts of hair it's driving me crazy. D:  Now I have all these blonde hairs all over my work area that I need to vaccum up.  I can't wait to be done with the wefting so I can actually get around to the styling part. x.x  If I waited for the next Cosworx shipment of their wigs, I wouldn't have this cosplay finished in time for my next con.  The jewelry, shorts, and stockings are taken care of... I'll probably use a pair of black boots I already own since I don't wanna buy a pair of gray boots (I never wear anything on a daily basis to match that color) so I'll use my Gunner Yuna boots. :/  Just the shirt and wig need to be completed and this'll be something crossed off my list. X3
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