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I really need a new pair of glasses.  I've been wearing the same pair for almost ten years and they don't work anymore. x__x  I've been without insurance for ten years... that's pretty bad.  Appointments are pretty expensive when uninsured so I'm going to have to find some kind of program to get a free or reduced price one.  I have a setting I wanna use so hopefully... that'll cut down on the cost, too. XD;;  I have a duplicate of my current frames (because the doctor that made my glasses last time didn't put the frames in right and they fell out right after my insurance got canceled!!) I wanna use.  There's hardly any frames I find appealing and I really love these. >>;  I'd love to get contacts for daily use, but I won't be able to afford 'em. D:

I saw the Grammy's a few nights ago... I'm quite disappointed, too.  Taylor Swift won so many awards and to be honest, I don't think she deserved them.  I think she's popular only because of that stunt Kanye West pulled last year.  I really think she can't sing. x_x  That performance she did that night was awful, too.  Lady Gaga's performance was all right... much better than the time she sang "Pokerface" on American Idol last year.  As much as I love her music, I'm very pissed off at her!!  When all these singers came together recently to sing Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie's "We Are the World" to raise money for the victims in Haiti, someone reporter or some other person asked Lady Gaga why wasn't she there singing with them and she said, "I don't see what's the point."  W.T.F?!?!  Yeah... she's lost major respect points from me with that.  I also don't get why didn't Beyonce and Jay-Z didn't participate, either and they were in the city... I don't get it.  What was their reason?

Still need to go to the library tomorrow to get my tax stuffs.  I have a few hours to kill tomorrow so I might as well get that out of the way.  On Saturday I'm gonna go to the Chika Chika at the Galleria Mall to buy some stuff since they're closing shop. D:  I really loved that store, too!  That's the only decora store that I know of in Henderson (since there's none here in Vegas) and I'm really sad to see it go.  The mall won't be the same without that cute pink store!!  I've been taking to making my own deco stuff, but still, man... it sucks. D:  On the bright side, their stuff is on sale like 65%-85% off so I might be able to buy some cute hair jewelry, a crystal compact, cute jewelry, or some deco supplies for dirt cheap. XD
My diet is going just fine so far although that doesn't make it any better. x_x  I hate dieting... Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching #@$%.  >_<  I hate football... but I love making and eating party food. D:  This year I'm just going to have to be strong.  I'm going to keep on this diet until I reach my target weight of losing 10lbs.  Diets suuuuuck... but I need to get rid of that extra weight. >>;  My favorite pair of jeans don't fit because of it and I won't be able to fit into my black evening dress, either. x_x;;
Had another frightening nightmare in which I was Kairi trapped in a bad fan fiction.  I had a nightmare like this a few months ago and thought it'd never happen again, but BOY WAS I WRONG HUR HUR.  This ladies and gentlemen, it a prime example of why you should not browse the summaries of the horribly written fan fiction on before going to bed!!  It was so hard trying not to die in that nightmare. x_x

I was stuck in another high school AU fic but this time it was set at prom.  I had two dates (Riku and Sora) and everything was just fine during the slow dance, but theeeeeeen afterward, the rabid insane yaoi loving, Kairi hating fangirls came storming in with their ugly goffik otaku-wear, yaoi paddles, and animal hats.  I was standing between the boys downright horrified, eyes wide, and slowly starting to back away.  Riku and Sora whipped out their Keyblades and formulated a plan--Riku would fend them off with his Keyblade and powers of darkness while Sora escorted me out of there to the Gummi Ship and meet Riku at Radient Garden in the Dark Depths.  So we put the plan into action and made a friggin' run for our lives.  I had my Destiny Place Keyblade just in case we got separated or Sora became incapacitated.

Riku was still in the ballroom taking care of business, fangirls were exploding into huge balls of confetti (wtf?) upon death, and Sora and I had to deal with a few fangirls outside on the defense.  I killed a few, Sora took care of most of them, and afterward we made a run for the Gummi ship.  My pretty pink and white gown was torn up bad, but I didn't care because I was scared as Hell and just wanted the three of us to get out of there alive!  As soon as we were taking off, this giant behemoth of a fangirl appears on the radar.  We get the missles ready and FIRE AWAY!!!  She blows up into a huge explosion of glitter and rainbows and continue on our journey through Gummi Space.  After crashing into a few asteroids and Heartless ships, we safely arrive in Radiant Garden and make our way to our rendezvous point.  We make it there and Riku shows up a little while later and he's in just as bad shape as we are if not worse.  Just as we're about to sit down and rest, my back brushes against something soft and I jump, then turn around to see Namine, Roxas, and Axel who also appear to have went through Hell.  All six of us exclaim, "You too!?" and I wake up.

Yeeeaaaaah... that dream... was even scarier than the last. x_x  Friends don't let friends write bad fics!  ...they'll give innocent people nightmares.
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