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Bleh.  Anime Expo is looking worse and worse as days go by... this is why I'm trying to make Fanime my top priority this year along with making a Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca wedding dress cosplay. XD;;  $65 is Comic Con badge prices... the new CEO is a huge asshole from what I've been hearing, the dates of main events look totally effed up (the masquerade ball has been canceled, wtf?!!?  The regular masquerade has been moved to day 2... wtf?  It's supposed to be on day 3... and AMV's on day 2!), the hotels haven't been listed, not GOHs mentioned (I go mainly for that and concerts), and... it's all around looking bad. XD;;  Yuni and I are debating on whether or not we really wanna go now although we've made promises. x_x;;

I predict a bad turn out this year due to the following reasons:

1.) The price of a 4 day badge is insane now.  We still have 5 months left and the badges are at $65!!!  Usually right about now the price of a badge would be at $50.  $65 is even higher than the at the door price.

2.) The price of space for vendors is nuts now, too since the CEO picked the most expensive option.

3.) Most importantly... the fans.  This is supposed to be a fan-run convention for fans by fans, not corporate crap!  Anime isn't as big as the comic industry (Comic Con is gigantic in comparison to Anime Expo) so there isn't that much money that can be made from an event such as this.  There aren't any big-name celebrities in Anime so this is epic fail.  The average anime fan these days can't afford to blow as much money as comic book fans. -_-  Hell, don't they know the anime industry is going through a huge economic crisis!?

I'm not big on anime (I'm a gamer), but anime cons are the closest I can get without the huge mass of creepy perverts that go to BlizzCon.  This is very unsettling, but truth be told, Anime Expo has been sucking for the past couple of years.  I'm at the point where I wanna get a refund for my badge because of all the drama going on.  I'm not going to be a happy girl if the guests of honor are nothing but those lame English dub anime voice actors (and none that work in the gaming industry), the musical guests are some lame indie bands that are strictly based out of California, and there aren't any good industry-run panels.  Cosplaying is only an added bonus to me. --;;  This is just... good God... I think this is going to be the death of Anime Expo as we know it.

With having said all this, I'm obviously making back up plans since Anime Expo isn't the only big convention in the country. XD  Hell, smaller cons like Otakon are said to be a billion times more fun.  But... Fanime... I pray to God you will be my new main summer convention!  I've been told by several people Fanime is a LOT better and an added bonus is that it's also a 4-day-long convention.<input ... ></input><input ... >
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