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So I've made some progress on my Sheryl Nome cosplay aside from the accessories.  All the wefting is done except I need to add some to the bangs for that perfect pink/blonde mixture.  The skintop on this wig is so friggin' tough and hard to sew through, so I might not put the other blonde wefts on top. x_x  The skintop is so hard to sew through that I need to use a pair of pliers so... not going through that aside from bang work. >>;  All that wigs needs now is that little bit of blonde and to curl it to achieve her signature wavy hair style and it's done. XD;;  ...Then I can get around to the actual sewing of the costume. >>;  The shorts are accounted for so all that needs to be sewn is the shirt which shouldn't take more than a day total to do.

I'm still on this stupid diet... no real progress has been made thanks to pulling the muscles in both my claves from exercising and with Slim Fast meal replacement bars NO LONGER WORKING.  Seriously, if you're going to do the Slim Fast diet, for the love of God, skip the meal bars altogether and just go for the Optima shakes. --;;  Ever since they got rid of the bars that ACTUALLY DID THE JOB, their products have been sucking.  Usually about now I would've lost 5lbs.!  But now I haven't lost anything and I can't exercise until my muscles recover. --;;  Fucking Slim Fast... I'm sure if enough people complain about how much their new meal replacement bars suck ass they'll find a way to bring back the regular ones.  Because right now the bars are nothing but salty, nasty, hard, dry granola bars that don't do shit!  I'm stressed out by all this.  I don't wanna get huge again. -__-  I can't even make any new outfits when I'm not at my normal weight.  Wtf am I supposed to do now, starve myself to death?
Mreh.  The tulip bulbs I planted a few weeks ago are finally starting to grow, yay. X3  But I'm pretty annoyed with how the daffodil bulbs I planted in like, December aren't doing a thing! >/  I don't know if it's because I buried them too deep or if it's the dirt... the dirt isn't exactly the best stuff to plant things in, but all the rose bushes I planted are doing really well--even the one I thought had died is flourishing. o_O;  But what the Hell is up with the damn daffodils!?!?  They weren't exactly easy or fun to plant when the ground is so damn hard!!  I'm staring to think that maybe it's the soil... I planted the tulip bulbs in a pot in nicer dirt. :/  The dust dirt... stuff the daffodil bulbs are planted in could very well be the reason. XD;;  I still have more bulbs that need to be planted, but they're small flowers, not cut ones.  They're supposed to be pretty, though... a nice purple color.

I participated in a group order a few days ago for a new set of Bodyline deco nails.  I love the blue/white bow and pearl ones I bought from them, but I also reeeaaally like the red/pink glittery strawberry nails they sell, too so I bought those. XD  Paying $20 to ship a $10 item is nothing short of ridiculous so group orders are a wonderful thing. :3
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