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I need to actually get to work since summer is almost here

So after being super lazy and not finishing a single new costume for 2010, I'm actually going to start hauling ass now. XD;;  I've been procrastinating way too much and con season is almost here and I wanna finish at least one new costume before Supercon and Momo-i Night Fest (of which I'm judging the masquerade).  The Sheryl costume I had my heart set on is sold out which totally disappoints me, so I've decided to go for the black one of the same design.  Grah.  It'll be weird wearing a costume I didn't make, but I really want another Sheryl costume and don't have time to make another one since I'm really hating my Star Date one right now. XD;;  My boot order got effed up so now I'm going to have to make a pair of boot covers for default Luka.  Then I still need to buy some flower appliques for Aerith... man, I need to stop being lazy! x___x

I've been looking for a new job, too.  I applied for a job with the census bureau a little while ago, took the exam and passed, but they still haven't called me back for a phone interview.  I'm starting to get a little worried. x___x  It's so friggin' hard finding a job in this horrible state also known as Nevada. --;;  They pay horribly, but the census pays pretty well, though... I really do hope they call me back since they pay from $11.50-$17.50 an hour!
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