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Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is Sheryl, but I'm also known as Lina. I've returned to LJ after a 2 year absence since... things with LJ stunk out loud back then. I'm typically a happy, upbeat, energetic, and outgoing person who loves to joke around. I am currently a seamstress who does cosplay commissions. I plan on going to school to become a fashion designer in the near future. One of my favorite things is collecting dolls (Volks dolls) of all kinds as long as they're beautiful. I love playing video games and totally love anything by Square Enix, especially Final Fantasy VIII, X/X-2 and the Parasite Eve series.

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"There are many worlds, but they share the same sky. One sky. One destiny."
-- Kairi, Kingdom Hearts II


Sora x Kairi is young love.

Sora is honest love.

Riku has pretty hair is love.

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